2015 is So Far NOT a Banner Year for Indie Artists When it Comes to Money Making.

Spotify is releasing unrealistic numbers about “indie” artist royalties, Pandora lawsuits abound, and of course there’s the trash talking of Tidal…Twitter, Instagram and YouTube all demand your expertise as key components for reaching out to fans, and Facebook demands your money if you want anyone to actually see your posts.

Artists have finally gotten a break thanks to Apple Music deciding to pay indies for the three month trial! This is the first step and a win, however there is still a problem at the root of all of this – most artists are not in full control of their online marketing due to overwhelm and confusion.

Most music is discovered through friends on social media so if those friends aren’t talking about you online you won’t go “viral”

 Some HARD FACTS (from an MTV Viacom study)…

Online – It’s all about coming up with your own personal brand identity and that is influenced by the artists you love – If you don’t have a clear personal brand you are not going to attract attention

  • 85% of all music lovers say they have eclectic taste – with technology they can find Etta James, Imagine Dragons, Drake and AC/DC all mixed together in a seamless playlist – There is no reason why YOUR music shouldn’t be included in the lineup
  • 76% of respondents have a stronger connection to musicians who share on social media
  • Fans are demanding total interaction from artists – More is EXPECTED from the artists now
  • Buying the music is SYMBOLIC PATRONAGE – you must earn it — this has nothing to do with ethics (i.e I am only paying money out of respect, because this artist uses social media, they therefore deserve my respect)

Everyone thinks they know how to use social media but few can actually use it effectively to build a fan base.

For anyone looking to get more exposure it can be the silver bullet.
However, a vast majority of you are using social media all wrong.

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You’re on a mission to connect your music to the right fans.

I want to help you build the RIGHT fan base; one that will support you on your path to becoming a self-sustaining, successful musician.

In order to make this happen, you need to make a foundation; combining strong personal brand and killer digital strategy.

I’m on a mission to help you make it a reality – using the most effective marketing methods in the world.



You’re missing that ONE thing that will actually increase:
  • Your visibility
  • Your fan base
  • Your Return On Investment (ROI)
I want to help you build a foundation so you can attract fans (not be a turn-off) without wasting your time and money! And it won’t cost you a penny – This course will be offered for the first time for free!



“Ariel Hyatt has been my PR guru and social media mentor for 12 years now.” – Derek Sivers






Social Media House is an online marketing course designed just for musicians. It has already helped hundreds of artists get on the path to marketing mastery.

Social Media House will teach you how to optimize your overall approach to social media & online marketing in order to make it most effective for you.

Control your fan base, increase your online recognition, and your bottom line.

Getting social media right is crucial. Buying fake likes, hiring radio promotion companies that are not social media savvy, spending time scheming about how to get “discovered,” and skipping critical steps you should be utilizing will not make you successful.

Through a private interactive website Social Media House participants will learn how to:

  • Utilize social media effectively – specifically designed for musicians
  • Generate more followers & fans – ones that actually mean something!
  • Create authentic relationships with fans (and how to build your tribe)!
  • Streamline marketing & social media so they work to feed each other without losing your mind.


Here’s What You Get:

Week 1

Construct an online strategy

  • You can no longer avoid social media. These free platforms allow you to connect with your niche and build a tribe on a global scale.
  • Social media can be agonizing if you don’t understand the basic science.  It’s ALL learnable and we will teach you how to master what you need to know on each platform, so you can put more time back into your day.
  • You don’t have to share the most intimate parts of your personal life to be successful at social. Together, we will gather relevant and engaging content that you can share with your interested fans.
  • Your life as a musician is a great conversation starter. It’s filled with passion, habits & inspiration and it’s imperative that you begin those conversations effectively with your fans.

You know the basics of social media, but now you need to learn what 99% of people are not focusing on in order to build a strategy for your own success.

Week 2

Your Website

  • There are 2 things that your website should be helping you to achieve  – Do you know what they are?
  • Your website is your online hub – Do you really want to settle at “this is good enough”?
  • Knowing what to put on your website can be overwhelming and you can’t afford to make mistakes. You will learn precisely what elements are needed to grab attention and put your best foot forward while capturing fans.
  • You have lots of other expenses. You don’t need to be emptying your wallet over building an amazing website. We will show you how to have a killer site for less than $500.

Proven methods to optimize and monetize your website more effectively. You have 3.5 seconds to get readers’ attention before they leave your page.

Week 3


  • There is a proven strategy that works on Facebook. We will teach you our tried and true formulas founded on research that the Cyber PR® team has conducted and implemented successfully with our VIP clients.
  • A Facebook Fan Page is designed to help you build your community and engage fans.
  • Connect with your niche and get authentic ‘likes’ – no phony business and no need to ever consider buying fake friends. The “Talking About This” number on the right of your Fan Page is the one to focus on – we will show you how to make that number increase substantially.

Learn the best strategies, apps, and plug-ins for making the ever-changing Facebook a powerful fan-building machine and a showcase for your music, videos, and list building.

Week 4


  • Who cares if you’re eating a tuna sandwich? 500 million people could (if you know what you’re doing).
  • Become fluent in Twitter and connect with your fans in real-time!
  • Learn how to determine who your most valuable followers are and nurture them into your tribe.

Find out how to use Twitter more effectively and get new fans to engage with you.

Week 5


  • Going viral isn’t something that can be planned – we will show you the blueprint that results in sustainable, organic growth for your videos.
  • YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world. For a musician, a YouTube channel is indispensable and it’s imperative for you to know how to use it.
  • It’s not solely about showcasing your music videos. Your YouTube channel should be fueled with various types of non-music content that will feed your audience.

We will have you compiling fans and attention on the 2nd largest search engine in the world. Garnering more subscribers doesn’t mean you have to make new videos.

Week 6


  • Blogging does not have to be a stress fest! We’ll show you how to make blogging effective by focusing on your passions.
  • 36% of bloggers report getting some sort of income from their blogs. Become a part of that percentage when we teach you the skills necessary to enhance and monetize your blog.
  • Blogging won’t take away copious amounts of your time when you use OUR method (we understand you’re a musician, not a blogger!).

Learn the easiest blogging platforms and how to blog without causing yourself stress.

Week 7


  • Find out why this brilliant site is Ariel’s 2nd favorite social platform and why you should be reaping it’s benefits.
  • Pinterest proves that visual blogging is an effective marketing tactic and leads to more social buying than any other platform.
  • Pinterest drives more purchase-traffic to websites than Google+, LinkedIn, Reddit, and YouTube combined. Learn how Pinterest can work to drive purchases for you.
  • The average user spends more time engaging on Pinterest (‘pinning’) than on Facebook (‘liking’).  Take advantage of Pinterest’s highly engaged community.

Learn how to use Pinterest to showcase your personality and connect with fans to create meaningful traffic.

Week 8


  • Study after study has proven that an effective newsletter strategy results in higher sales.
  • Get more people to open your newsletter. We won’t have you put effort into something that’s destined for the spam box.
  • We want to see you building trust and loyalty with your fans regardless of whether you feel like you have “news” to share (there is ALWAYS something to share). Learn how to find your signature voice and style in your newsletter.

Learn how to write captivating content and distribute newsletters that build trust and loyalty. An effective newsletter strategy will result in higher sales.

Week 9

Crowdfunding and Continuum Programs

  • Learn how many fans you really need to reach your goal, discover how much money you can safely ask for, and assess when a crowdfunding campaign is appropriate for you.
  • Many artists miscalculate the amount of money needed for their next project and their crowd-funding campaigns end in disaster. We will teach you how to create realistic, attainable goals.
  • We’ll coach you on how to turn the FEAR around asking for money into an opportunity for fans to support you.
  • There are 4 main crowd funding sites – We will teach you the differences and the benefits each offers – so you can choose the right one  for you
  • Get Ariels step-by-step master crowd funding check sheet so you can be fully prepared to actively raise money throughout your ENTIRE campaign and finish with the desired goal in your pocket!

Many artists complain that they feel like carnival barkers when approaching fan funding. Find out how to create a program that will get you paid and keep your self-esteem intact.




I don’t want you to go it alone! You must take this course with at least 2 friends. You will see more benefit when you take this course with a team and dramatically decrease the chances of getting overwhelmed! 

There’s absolutely nothing worse then learning how to succeed and then not having the “support” to help you implement.

The music business is a serious one. It has its fun moments, but it’s about building a sustaining base for yourself.

In order to get music out to the world in a bigger way, wouldn’t it be easier (and much faster) if everyone who supported you was social media savvy and knew what the heck they were doing?!?

Think about how much MOMENTUM you could create and how much FASTER you could reach your goals! So, bring a team along with you!

Who else can have access to this program?
  •  Your Band Mates, Your Writing Partner

  •  Your Manager, Booking Agent, or Virtual Assistant

  •  Your Mom, Little Sister, Long-distance Cousin, BFF, (or anyone else you want to empower to help you!)



F copy

Q: Once I join Social Media House, how soon do I get access to the program?

A: The day before the course starts, we will send you an email with access to the course. You’ll receive one lesson per week.

Q: What if I don’t have any social media platforms profiles set up (i.e. I’m a newbie)?

A: We will teach you everything you need to know regardless of whether you may be a beginner intermediate or advanced user of social media.

Q: Why should I get this program NOW?

A: I have never offered this course for free before, and I may never again – take advantage of this!

And also, THERE WILL BE A GRAND PRIZE!  The teams who complete all 9 weeks qualify to win a 3-Month Cyber PR Campaign (a $4500 value)

Social media and online marketing is a process that takes time to build properly. True engagement can be forever, but you have to take the time to learn the science. True online relationships will elude you, unless you build the foundational ground work.






Please tell us the names of the two team members you are bringing on board to take this course with you. If you do not have their names right now please let us know in the box below that you are working on it.